#FavoriteTrends ALERT: Colorful Lips

I love bright colors, especially when it comes to my makeup.

I think a great lipstick with minimal eyes is a fantastic way to add a little *¬†pizzazz* to any outfit :] enjoy!! and don’t forget to show me your #FavoriteTrends



#FavoriteTrends: BB Cream???

If you’re like me then you’ve seen a bunch of commercials for this thing called BB Cream. I thought it was for a certain brand…but it’s not.

Sooo…i was super confused about this mystery cream so i googled it ūüėÄ and here’s what i found…

“the BB is short for “blemish balm”, “beauty balm”, or “beblesh balm” — a huge hit across the pacific where celebrities and everyday women swear by them. Now, slowly but surely they’re making their way to Canada — MAC, Clinique and Garnier have launched brands in the UK and USA so expect to see them here soon. Developed in the 1960s by a German dermatologist, BB creams are a time-saving all-in-one product that moisturize, protect, soothe and nourish your skin while providing a sheer finish and covering up your blemishes and fine lines.” Huffingtonpost.ca

Sounds good to me :] I’ll be sure to check this out & get back to you guys soon

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D.I.Y. Nail Polish How To

Want a specific nail polish color but can’t find it in stores??? Been there, done that. But then i found this article, and¬†wallah!!! Probelm solved.

It’s really simple: find an eye shadow color you like, crush it up and add it to clear nail polish. Mix it up, and you’ve got your perfect color :] Just follow the step i found on¬†http://janeymacpress.blogspot.com¬†and you’ll be good to go. Good luck!


#WednesdayHairspiration: Natural Hair

I missed last weeks #WednesdayHairspiration so here it is….on Sunday :]

I LOVE NATURAL HAIR! It’s so beautiful, and makes me miss mine :/

Natural hair is a term normally used for black women who wear their hair curly, or natural; no perms or relaxers, which are extremely damaging.

Stars like Marsha Ambrosius, Jill Scott, and Elle Varner are known for their beautiful, voluptuous hair dos

Rimmel London Lash Accelerator Mascara Better Than Lancome??

The beauty of FIDM is learning about products, and their effectiveness.

In my Beauty Technology class my partner and I had to test a mass brand against a prestige brand; so we chose to test Rimmel London Vs. Lancome.

The research showed that Rimmel is much better at lengthening lashes and lasts longer than Lancome. We tested it for 12 hours on two different people and the results were similar.

Overall, I guess I’m trying to say: there’s no reason to spend $20 and up on a¬†prestige¬†mascara when you can go to target and buy a cheaper yet better product for $7 ūüėČ

#FavoriteTrends ALERT

The Bouffant!

Simple, sexy, and easy. This is one of my favorite fall hair trends.

Not only is it easy to achieve but it’s easy to wear and goes with ANYTHING, i can wear this style with dark make up, bright makeup, or no makeup. I can wear jeans and a t-shirt or a nice lace dress.

This will definitely be a trend to look out for this seasonImage


I love Jessie J. Her style is crazy fierce, she’s¬†definitely¬†one of my beauty inspirations.

Her bright, colorful, and absolutely unique look is inspiring to girls looking to stand out, like myself. Here’s my top 3 favorite Jessie J trends:

3. Her fashion! its crazy and cooky, exactly what i imagine her personality to be like.

2. The Cat Eye is PURE PERFECTION and she wears the red lips oh so well.

1. Bright hair is a must!!

#WEDNESDAYHAIRSPIRATION: Genie Locks aka Yarn Braids

This weeks #WEDNESDAYHAIRSPIRATION is staring my bestest friend Ms. Tamara, I haven’t seen her in forever and when i do she shows up with this adorb. look!

It’s kind of like normal extenions…except using yarn…and a different twisting technique.

You start out cutting two identical pieces of 100% Acrylic yarn [ don’t use wool yarn!! you won’t be able to untwist your hair later!!!!!!!]

Next apply some kind of holding paste like bees wax or, like Tamara, Garnier Furctis Finishing Paste just to hold the locks.

After you’ve done this you’re ready to start twisting.Start by looping the two pieces of string around your natural hair and start braiding, after a few strokes add your hair to one of the pieces of yarn and continue braiding.


Once you’ve reached your desired length, simply double knot the bottom [ make sure your natural hair is NOT IN THE KNOT!]

You can leave it like this or you can choose to burn the tips like Tamara :] just be careful.

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Brown Lips…yumm

So, if you’re like me you’ve noticed this dark brown lipstick trend…and you’ve LOVED IT!!! i cant wait to try this look out for myself.

But i wasn’t sure how to properly accompany such a bold look, so i asked my fellow FIDM-ers what i should do and they gave me great advice. and now that i think of it…its kind of obvious.

To pull off this look all you need is the right shade of brown, of course, some mascara, a little eyeliner and a nice shimmery eyeshadow!

i cant wait to try this look, but in the mean time here’s what I’m thinking…